Unlimited Loveland is a new offering from LOVELAND Technologies that makes it easy and affordable for Foundations and other funders to provide amazing property mapping and data tools to the communities they care about.

LOVELAND Technologies is a Detroit-, Bay Area-, and New York-based property mapping and data company. We've spent years designing a system that's simple enough to turn non-professionals into map makers. Now we want to share our platform with you.

Here's a short 4-minute presentation of our big picture vision and how our technology has been applied to some very serious problems in Detroit:


The future of user-friendly property mapping is already here, it's just not distributed across your community...yet.


Hundreds of customers around the country subscribe to Loveland's property data software. We serve governments, planners, community groups, real estate folks, community groups, activists, and researchers. If you're not familiar with it, check out this PDF brochure.

Long story short, a few years ago we went crazy and assembled a unique nationwide parcel map which you can see on makeloveland.com.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.28.23 AM.png

We also released a paid subscription product called Site Control that lets people make private or public maps on top of it.

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You can import data from any spreadsheet with an address, parcel ID, or latitude-longitude...


Define neighborhood boundaries or areas of interest...


Create survey questions that work with the LOVELAND Survey App to photograph and document properties or interviews in the field...


View and download map data as spreadsheets...


Selectively share your maps with collaborators or the public...


Make your maps pretty...


And more.

Now, in addition to selling individual accounts, we've created the Unlimited Loveland package to help you distribute free Loveland accounts across your entire City.

Imagine having all City departments and community organizations using the same mapping and data system. Holy smokes. 

Unlimited Loveland is perfect for Foundations or other funders who want to make mapping and data tools freely ubiquitous across the communities they care about.

Starting at only $50,000 a year for a City, plus a small fee to load up your data, Loveland can provide a mapping solution for your entire community.


We arrived at this package based on wanting to see a wider distribution of open data and mapping tools across America, combined with the challenge of selling low-priced accounts to many small community groups and government departments. We were further spurred by the weather events of 2017 that saw coastal communities damaged by storms and in dire need of effective property data tools.

In our experience, even with very affordable prices and a clear market signal, tight budgets plus long decision-cycles can prevent great tools from getting into the hands of the people who need them the most. It also bogs our team down with small sales when we could be helping solve larger problems. At the same time, we've found that Foundations and other funders see tremendous value in unlocking this asset for their entire community.

For the approximate cost of one GIS professional, every organization in your city can access user-friendly mapping tools and get on the same page with data, AND it will make your GIS professionals' lives easier as people start working with data more routinely, valuing it more, and scratching their own itches (shout-out to GIS and data peeps – none of this is possible without you!).  

Now that's a good value!

As the funder, you choose what kind of organizations can get accounts. You can open it up to everyone – private, public, for profit, nonprofit – or you can be selective (nonprofit or government only, or everyone working on a certain kind of local problem).

We give you a simple dashboard where you can invite individuals and organizations who will be very thankful to you. They'll each get their own account where they can either map things privately or selectively choose to share with you or the public.


One last note: We're not a typical tech company. Being based in Detroit we're surrounded by unusually severe property problems, community controversies, and municipal malfunctions. This gives us an unusual amount of empathy, energy, and insight into the importance of having a shared understanding of the land grid. We read, we listen, we travel, we advocate, we go to meetings, we care. Loveland is the mapping company you would like to have a beer (or tea or coffee) with. And if you work with us we're sure you will.


Check out some of our live sites and reports, and contact us at team@makeloveland.com today.


Check out Loveland's nationwide parcel map of freely available property information.


Thanks to a grant from Chase, we're able to provide Unlimited Loveland in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio.


Check out the world's best software for collecting and working with parcel data. Unlimited Loveland makes this free.


Check out some reports that were created from data gathered with our tools.